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The Meat-Tech Revolution

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015 in Latest Technology, Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Meat-Tech Revolution

The Meat-Tech Revolution

Meat Technology

It is believed that food preparation was launched about 2 million years ago by our ancestors who discovered cooking shortly after the discovery of fire. We all know that meat was one of the top dietary staples during that time. Later on, meat preparation and processing was enhanced by drying, preserving with salt, and other primitive forms of processing. This allowed communities to feed on cooked meat which was considered better than raw meat and the discovery led to modern innovations that have resulted in a change in the way we prepare food especially meat. All manner of kitchen equipment and innovations have been invented to facilitate food preparation for the average home owner. These technological advancements in the kitchen have made it easier to make foods that taste great and make you feel great too. For example, if you like meatloaf, you can now easily prepare a mouthwatering family size meatloaf within a matter of minutes even without having your meatloaf recipe with you.

How Technology Facilitates the Way We Prepare Meat Dishes

1) Unlimited Access to Recipes

Tablets and smart phones have changed the way we prepare and cook food. Many people today use these gadgets to look up different recipes and cooking techniques. Recipe sites have become more popular than magazine recipes and cookbooks among homeowners. From meatloaves, to beef chow fun, to cheese burgers, we can find guidelines for almost any type of meat dish or diet today. With blogs and social media, sharing recipes across borders has never been so easy and fun. And with video sites, we can learn how to make dishes like Bacon and Triple Tomato Meatloaf in a matter of minutes.

2) Easy Cooking

The modern day kitchen appliances are indicators of what was lacking in the past when women had to put extra effort on their cooking needs. Some of these modern kitchen appliances that have completely revolutionized the cooking or grilling process of all meat include the microwave, wall oven, pressure cooker and many more. Not only can these appliances do a fantastic job when it comes to cooking or grilling or baking of meat dishes, you can purchase them in complete packages to match the style of your kitchen.

3) Saving Time

Modern technology helps you to enjoy cooking. Appliances like the pressure cooker, microwave and wall oven are designed to do their jobs faster and more effectively. For instance, the modern wall oven can help you to prepare your meatloaf in no time. With this, you will be able to save time.


Modern gadgets, apps and appliances, plus the connective capabilities that they come with, have significantly changed not only the way we prepare meat dishes but other foods as well. Gone are the days when you couldn’t prepare a dish due to lack of a cookbook or magazine recipe. For instance, if you want to make meatloaf but you don’t have a manual meatloaf recipe, you can quickly refer to guidelines for almost any type of meatloaf online using your smart gadget. What’s more, video sites are conveniently providing us with more tips on how to prepare foods more effectively.

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5 Things You Want To Know About iOS 9 Public Beta

Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 in Apple News, IT Zone, Latest Technology, Mobile Phone Features | Comments Off on 5 Things You Want To Know About iOS 9 Public Beta


Are you wondering what is coming out from Apple in the fall?  Well, Apple decided they would share the beta version with their customers.  Therefore, they have launched the iOS 9 public beta in July, in order to make the customers see what’s coming in the fall.

1.Better Battery

Apple has improved to the battery life, and they have given us something we haven’t seen from a phone making company, and that is a battery which lasts 24 hours, and even more.  Of course, this only goes for the moderate use of the phone.  Also, Low Power Mode has been intrigued used.  This mode will allow you to switch off the background apps and reduce or disable visual effects, which will allow the phone to last year and up to three hours more.

2.It Has A Better Notes App

We have always been fans of the Notes app.  This app has always allowed the users to take down a note and make a reminder.  With iOS 9 public beta this is easier than ever.  You will be able to make checklists, add images, and format them to notes.  Also, you will be able to choose from a wide selection of pen types and colors.  You can’t even access your notes from other apps, such as Safari, just by touching the share button.


3.It Has Public Transit Info

iOS 9 public beta finally has a public transmit, which was one of the biggest issues when Apple Maps first came out. Until now the people have been redirected to third-party apps, but this transition can be said to have been anything but smooth. Finally with the iOS 9 public beta you will be able to use a Transit tab to see how you will be able to get transportation. This tiny feature is so significant that you will just love it on your journeys and when you are on the go, mainly because of its high functionality and due to the fact that it is very useful.


iOS 9 Public Beta

4.Keeps You Informed

If you like to stay informed, you probably have tons of news apps already installed.  With iOS 9 public beta Apple wanted to make a change and decide is to make its own news app. Apple News lets you pick the categories of your interest or news services and then give you a feed.  You can browse through categories and feeds, or you can search the news by typing in a topic.

5.Siri Gets Smarter

Siri will be able to do more complicated tasks than ever before.  You will be able to ask her questions which she will relate locations and times, for example you could tell her to remind you to call mom when you get home and she will deliver.

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